5 Reasons Why You Need the LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool

Photo of Zest Dental Solutions’s LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool
January 16, 2024
5 Reasons Why You Need the LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool

Reliable, comfortable, and seamless denture procedures are possible!

Do your dental tools streamline your day and make your procedures easier? Or do they  frustrate you and add to the day-to-day stress of running a dental practice? If you have been in the middle of an appointment with an implant-retained denture patient and just can't seem to get a proper hold on the nylon inserts, it may be time to take a look at what new tools are at your disposal. 

Zest Dental Solutions is constantly striving to improve our product and service offerings to make your job easier and more rewarding. Our goal is to help you see more happy patients while staying comfortable and frustration-free throughout the day. We know everyone can benefit from evolution and customization. As such, the LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool has been specifically tailored according to feedback from loyal customers who have used the Original Core Tool day in and day out.

What’s different about the Enhanced Core Tool?

Whether you’re about to schedule your first LOCATOR® patient, or you just got your 100th LOCATOR FIXED®  case acceptance, you should be aware of the differences between the original tool and the enhanced tool so you can make the best decision for you and your workflow. 


The most important thing to note is that the Original Core Tool is only compatible with LOCATOR® inserts for removable overdentures. Also, the Original Core Tool comes with its own Implant Driver Tool while the Enhanced Core Tool does not. So, if you are only planning on doing removable cases and don’t have an implant driver yet, the Original Core Tool may be your best bet. However, there are a few other reasons to consider the enhanced tool, even if you are a removable-only practice. These include added features, improved ergonomics, and more reliability. 

  1. Ideal for both FIXED and Removable procedures- The main difference between the original LOCATOR FIXED® Core Tool and the LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool is that the newer model accommodates both FIXED and Removable procedures. This means you only need one tool on hand to be able to accommodate both your fixed and removable denture patients. Fewer tools means fewer things to keep track of and more peace of mind for both you and your staff. 
  2. New ergonomic handle for more clinician comfort- We know long days using your hands and eyes can be grueling. That is why we strive to make our products as comfortable and simple to use as possible. This industry is constantly making improvements with regards to patient comfort – which is wonderful – but dentists, lab techs, and clinicians of all types also deserve that same level of care and intentionality. When you get your hands on the LOCATOR FIXED® Enhanced Core Tool, you'll notice that the larger handle is more comfortable to grip, easier to maneuver, and simple to change from fixed to removable and from removal to insertion and back! 
  3. Improved tip allows for one-handed transport of inserts- Some of the feedback we got regarding our original core tool was that transporting the retention inserts could be clumsy and tricky. The small nylon inserts were prone to falling off the tip, thus requiring a clinician to use both hands when transporting them to the denture or the patient. As you know, having an extra hand free, ready to hold the denture – or to wave hello to all your new patients that will be pouring in– is crucial. That is why our new and improved white transportation tip has been specifically designed to hold the inserts securely until you’re ready to pop them into (or carry them away from) the denture. 
  4. Two-sided for insertion and removal- The Original Tool requires clinicians to take the time to fully screw off the tip and change it to the other side to switch between the seating and removal sides. With the Enhanced Tool, two-sided gold insert can be easily popped out, flipped, and popped back in for inserting or removing. No unscrewing necessary!
  5. Now Available Individually- Up until now, the Enhanced Core Tool was only available as a part of one of our Bronze, Silver, and Gold LOCATOR FIXED® starter kits. The clinicians who received their kits and got to try the new tool became instant fans and started spreading the word about its ease of use, simplicity, and reliability. While we were only ever planning on having this be a starter kit bonus goodie, due to this demand, we had to make it available on its own! Now is a great time to order one of your own to see what all the fuss is about.

To see the Enhanced Core Tool in action, check out this video where Dr. Xavier Saab demonstrates its effectiveness as he uses it to remove and replace inserts into his patient's prosthesis.

Have you tried the Enhanced Core Tool yet?

If you have experience with either the original or the enhanced core tool, we would love to hear from you! We love to receive feedback from doctors and clinicians whether it’s what we are doing right, or even if you have new ideas for features you’d like to see! If you haven’t experienced the Enhanced Core Tool, be sure to get your hands on one soon. It is going to revolutionize your insertion and removal experience. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on our core tools or any of our other products by interacting with us on Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. Or, if you have a question for us, feel free to contact us and a member of our team would be glad to help.