Enhanced LOCATOR® & LOCATOR FIXED® Systems Core Tool

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The new Enhanced LOCATOR® Core Tool is the one streamlined tool for use with both LOCATOR® Removable and LOCATOR FIXED® Inserts.

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The New


  • Ideal for both FIXED and Removable procedures.
  • New ergonomic handle for a much more comfortable experience.
  • Improved tip allows for one-handed transport of each insert.
  • Two-sided gold insert can be easily popped out, flipped and popped back in for inserting or removing.
  • A reliable, consistent experience for transporting the insert, and performing the insert and removal procedures with one tool.

Enhanced LOCATOR Core Tool

The new Enhanced LOCATOR Core Tool is the one streamlined tool for use with both LOCATOR removable and LOCATOR FIXED Inserts.

The two-sided instrument is designed to allow easy insertion and removal of tried and true LOCATOR removable inserts and the new LOCATOR FIXED inserts.

Insertion Tip:

  • Effortlessly pickup inserts for transfer and placement in housing.

Removal Tip:

  • Place tip with closed prongs into insert
  • Twist collet to open prongs
  • Tilt core tool and easily remove any LOCATOR Insert.