LOCATOR Removable to LOCATOR FIXED with just a swap of the inserts

LOCATOR FIXED is a revolutionary FIXED full-arch treatment that uses the exact same abutment and workflow as the original removable LOCATOR attachment system. 

It’s all in the inserts and housings! Whereas the Removable LOCATOR solution uses a flexible nylon insert and silver housing, the FIXED offering uses proprietary rigid inserts and a special gold housing.

With LOCATOR FIXED, you can easily convert your existing LOCATOR Removable overdentures into a permanent FIXED prosthesis, without the need for any changes to the underlying LOCATOR abutments. You just need a minimum of four implants to begin the LOCATOR FIXED journey.

Removable or FIXED: It's all in the inserts and housings

4 Implants LOCATOR FIXED Green Inserts

What are the Green Inserts for?

The Green inserts are designed to provide fixed retention for 4 implant or all-on-4 cases. 

5 Implants LOCATOR FIXED Blue and Tan Inserts

What are the Blue and Tan Inserts For?

The Blue and Tan inserts are used in combination on 5+ implant cases.

6 Implants LOCATOR FIXED Blue and Tan Inserts

Blue inserts are used in the mid-arch between the anterior and posterior implant positions. Tan inserts are used in the anterior and posterior positions of an arch.


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LOCATOR FIXED® is Now Available Individually for Single Cases



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"This disruptive technology will allow more patients access to a higher quality of care. The solution is minimally invasive, the digital workflow is easily accomplished, and requires less chair time. The edentulous and soon to be edentulous patient population continues to grow, this technology gives clinicians a new offering to provide these patients with permanent teeth."

                                              –Dr. David Little

"I find LOCATOR FIXED cases equal to other conventional fixed options in terms of functionality but with a degree of simplicity that is a breath of fresh air. For patients looking for a full arch fixed prosthesis, or ‘permanent teeth’, I can choose screw-retained or LOCATOR FIXED. If there is minimal cantilever and the patients wants a faster, simpler solution – I lean towards LOCATOR FIXED.

                                              –Dr. Joseph Massad

"LOCATOR FIXED provided our practice a new unrealized revenue source. Previously patients had to make a decision between removable and high-cost screw retained fixed options. Now, there’s an intermediate cost option with all the same benefits - LOCATOR FIXED. It has increased our case acceptance rate and our patients are happier with the final outcome. Both the patients and our office benefit from the chairtime savings, decreased lab costs and component costs. We now have a fixed solution to offer patients that otherwise could not afford traditional screw retained hybrid prosthetics. Couldn’t be happier!

                                              –Dr. John Poovey

The LOCATOR Standard and Premium Implant Surgical Kits offer simplified surgical kit design with convenient color coded drill protocol for reference and ease-of-use during procedures. 

The LOCATOR Implants Surgical Kit makes implant procedures simpler, easier, and worry-free allowing clinicians to focus more energy on the clinical and esthetic goals of the case. With LOCATOR Implants you get everything that's expected from a premium system in a bundled solution at a value price thats affordable for clinicians and patients.


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