Graphic with standard and extended range range nylon inserts for LOCATOR abutments.
June 6, 2024

Which Retention Insert is Right for My Patient? | Choosing Retention Inserts for a Removable LOCATOR® Overdenture

Choosing the right retention insert is crucial for ensuring patient satisfaction and the longevity of their dental prosthesis. The process of selecting the appropriate retention insert for your patient's removable LOCATOR overdenture can be overwhelming, but this blog is here to help you make informed decisions to enhance patient comfort and optimize prosthesis stability.
Graphic with headshots of the ZestMasters Speakers
June 5, 2024

Behind the Scenes at ZestMasters: Meet Your KOLs!

ZestMasters Alumni report that fostering these personal connections with your mentors are equally as valuable as the content of the course, itself! Afterall, success is about who you know just as much as what you know. While you may not be guaranteed to meet all of these renown speakers at any given event, getting to know who you’re going to be learning from beforehand will help you know what to expect and have a leg up when it comes to networking.
Cheerful dentist looking at computer with graphic and text overlay.
May 30, 2024

How to Select the Correct LOCATOR Abutment

If you’ve ever been in the middle of a home improvement project and had to stop and find parts you didn’t know you needed, you’ve felt the irritation at having your workflow disrupted. While a trip to the home improvement store in the middle of a project is merely annoying, in your dental practice, that workflow doesn’t bode well for production or happy patients! Successful case management includes selecting the correct armamentarium before you get started. Read on to learn more about measuring tissue height and selecting the correct cuff height.
Toy wooden teeth on a blue background.
April 17, 2024

What Edentulous Patients Want: How to ensure your patients get the best full-arch solution for them

Treating an edentulous patient with a full-arch restoration is unique in that it can be an emotional journey for not only your patient, but also for you! If the last time you delivered a denture was during dental school, you might feel a mix of excitement, nervousness, maybe even trepidation, as it calls on many of your clinical skills to ensure a good outcome. How you approach each case and the way you communicate with each patient who’s experiencing edentulism has a powerful impact on the patient’s whole experience in your practice. Your approach also plays a big part in what type of prosthesis they choose to go with. Are you ready to hone your patient communication skills to improve case acceptances and empower your patients to choose the best full-arch solution for their lifestyle?
Graphic with blue background, photo of dental hygiene insrtuments, and text that says "Happy National Dental Hygienist's Week From Zest Dental Solutions"
April 4, 2024

Let's Celebrate National Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week!

National Dental Hygienist Week is almost here and Zest Dental Solutions is ready to celebrate! If you haven’t heard yet, the second week in April is recognized as National Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week – Is your practice ready to recognize these hard workers who keep patients happy and the practice running?
Boxing-style match graphic with the pink R-Tx abutment and the original gold LOCATOR abutment.
March 14, 2024

LOCATOR® vs. LOCATOR R-Tx®: What is the difference?

If you have an edentulous (or soon to be edentulous) patient who needs a full arch smile restoration but is not a good candidate to go straight into a fixed solution, you may be weighing the options for removable implant-retained solutions. At Zest Dental Solutions, we offer two removable implant-retained options: The original LOCATOR and LOCATOR R-Tx. R-Tx was created as the next generation of the original LOCATOR abutment system, but there are still a few reasons why you may want to opt for the original. Every case is unique, so your decision will depend on your patient’s needs and lifestyle as much as the differences between these two treatment options. To make an informed decision, it is important to understand the differences, features, and benefits of each option.
Dr. Olsen, Dr. Massad, and Dr. Chung congratulate a recent mastership graduate.
March 7, 2024

What to Expect at a ZestMasters Course

One of the best aspects of the dental industry is the fact that it is ever evolving. Since it is a unique combination of science, art, technology, and medicine, it is important to continuously hone each of those areas within your own career. If there was a program you could attend that would foster growth in all of these areas and then some, would you attend?
Comic-book style graphic of a man wearing a tie and white shirt that is unbuttoned to reveal text that reads: “National Dentist’s Day.”
March 5, 2024

Let’s Celebrate National Dentist's Day 2024!

Most people see going to the dentist as a task that they dread. As such, it takes a special kind of person to not only deliver highly skilled work but also to lead with empathy, compassion, and understanding for their patients day in and day out. If you haven’t heard yet, March 6th is National Dentist’s Day, but one day doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to celebrate the outstanding dental professionals who make a difference in their patients’ and their team’s lives everyday. That is why Zest Dental Solutions is highlighting Dental Heroes all month long!
Image showcasing three products from Zest Dental Solutions including PrepStart H2O, Micro Etcher 2A, and Bulk EZ Plus.
Dentist and patient look at patient education model
February 7, 2024

How to Find Your Next LOCATOR FIXED® Case

If you’ve recently purchased a LOCATOR FIXED® bronze, silver, or gold starter kit but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding your first case, we are here to help. It’s exciting to be offering a new service and you should be proud of yourself for taking the time to hone your skills and invest in your continuing education! You’re one step closer to being able to scale your practice and increase your revenue while also adding value for your patients. But in order to get there, you need case acceptances. Instead of waiting for new patients to trickle in, the best place to start is where you are.