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Regal Hygiene

Zest Dental Solutions is excited to add a revolutionary new dental hygiene system that starts with an in-office application of Regal Protect and stays fresh with the every day use of Regal GO.

Regal BundleRegal Bundle
Regal Protect LogoRegal Protect Logo

The Regal Protect proprietary formula is expertly crafted to offer a nano-thin silicone polymer layer for your patients with natural teeth, dentures or prostheses. A one-time application in-office enhances patient hygiene satisfaction and effectiveness. Enhances the efficacy of hygiene by reducing bacterial adherence thus reducing the bacterial load.

  • Lasts six months to one year.
  • Prevents plaque & bacteria from adhering to teeth, dentures & prostheses.
  • Resists acids, sticking foods, and microbiota.
  • Clear, tasteless, and odorless silicone polymer gel coating. 
Regal Protect ProsthesisRegal Protect Prosthesis
Regal TeethRegal Teeth

Zest Dental Solutions, proud owner of the renowned LOCATOR Removable Overdenture and LOCATOR FIXED Permanent Teeth Systems, is excited to Announce…Regal Hygiene! Maintaining proper dental hygiene extends further than the appearance of teeth. It is also pivotal to staving off various health issues. Regal Hygiene with a proprietary formula provides easier, better oral care for dental professionals and patients, especially those with implants, dental prostheses, or orthodontic appliances. The Regal Hygiene system represents a technological advancement in the pairing of two effective oral care products that work together to benefit LOCATOR FIXED and Removable patients. As clinicians we can now better help our patients not only keep up with their oral hygiene but to now be more aware of the impact this brings to their total health.

Regal Go PensRegal Go Pens

Regal GO is the all-in-one product that provides easier, better oral care for patients with natural teeth, implants or prostheses. Perfect for everyday use, this convenient pen applicator delivers a fresh, cool, clean on-the-go feeling.

  • Removes debris and biofilm for a refreshing smile.
  • Cool Mint flavor sweetened with xylitol for a fresh breath.
  • Easy and effective cleaning solution for FIXED full-arch patients.
  • The advanced brush design fits into hard- to-reach areas around implants, orthodontic appliances and under prostheses.
  • Regal GO contains EDTA, which disrupts biofilm and natural sweeteners for a fresher clean-mouth sensation. 
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