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Improved case acceptance, reduced bone reduction, and a significant reduction in procedure time. If you haven't discussed a FIXED option for your LOCATOR patients yet, what are you waiting for? 

Bringing general dentists, surgeons, and dental laboratories together to form close-knit networks and create more accessible care for patients.

Join our two-day LIVE course for didactic and hands-on training with renowned speakers covering planning & treatment using implant-retained removable and full-arch fixed prosthodontics. Designed for clinicians & staff, this program equips you and your staff with essential skills for implant-retained prosthodontics.

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LOCATOR Attachment System is the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations.

Compatible with more over 280 implant connections Treats up to 40° angle correction between implants

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Quicky and easily convert your removable LOCATOR patients to a more comfortable, permanent full-arch solution without having to change abutment or follow a different work flow!

Offer an affordable FIXED option for your patients!

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The LOCATOR® Implant is a permanent two-piece Implant solution that incorporates the industry’s gold standard LOCATOR® Attachment System available in narrow or standard ridge diameters. 

New Guided Surgical Kits Available

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The LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System Is The Next Generation LOCATOR®.

R-Tx features a new, stronger, DuraTec® Coating, and improved pivot technology, treating up to 60° between implants

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Bulk EZ PLUS is an easy-to-place, dual-cure composite that combines unlimited cure depth with flowable cavity adaptation, high strength, and enhanced durability—all in one, simple step.

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From APM to Denture Prep & Polish Kits, CHAIRSIDE products are designed with clinician input to allow clinicians to carry out their procedures the way they want to, easily and quickly, all at a reduced cost per case.

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From Removable Overdenture to Fixed

LOCATOR FIXED delivers the functionality that you expect in a FIXED full-arch solution at a more affordable price point. Because you use the same abutment and workflow as the tried-and-true LOCATOR Removable option, LOCATOR FIXED is elegant in its ease-of-use and flexibility.



Leverage patients' existing LOCATOR Abutments
to transition to a fixed full-arch solution. 

ENCOMPASS is the inclusive way to simplify and streamline overdentures treatment while making it financially accessible for more patients, all while saving an average of 133 minutes of chairtime per patient! ENCOMPASS units the trusted LOCATOR name with NavaGation prosthetic driven case planning from Absolute Dental Services

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