Restorative Materials Trial Kit

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This trial kit contains the key materials you need to complete a restorative composite in one convenient bundle. Try out our powerhouse desensitizing, bonding, and sculptable nanocomposite materials today and experience effective, reliable products that are a joy to work with.

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Trial Kit Contains:

Micro PrimeTM G, 0.2 mL

MicroPrime™ G is a universal desensitizing agent that eliminates post-operative sensitivity and facilitates patient comfort. It is compatible with popular adhesive systems, cements, and substrates. Our unique combination of glutaraldehyde and HEMA present in MicroPrime G, acts as both a flocculating constituent that strengthens the collagen framework, and a facilitating agent that helps create tubular occlusion with minimal or no sensitivity. MicroPrime G limits the movement of fluids without affecting the strength of adhesive systems while offering reliable antimicrobial protection. This unique benefit makes it a must-have for your practice.

Prelude OneTM, 0.1 mL

Prelude One™ is an award-winning, light-curable, single component, self-etch adhesive system that boasts a single-step application. This material is perfect for bonding direct composite resins to a wide variety of dental surfaces including dentin, enamel, Zirconia, Alumina, noble metals and alloys, porcelain, lithium disilicate, and other resin materials. Featuring an impressive, very low film thickness of 5.5 microns, Prelude One is compatible with light-cured, dual-cured, and auto-cured composites without the need for an additional activator. Plus, it provides high-bond strengths to direct and indirect substrates!  

ZNanoTM Shade-Adaptive, 0.2 gm

Life-like esthetics are within reach! ZNano™ Shade-Adaptive Universal Nanocomposite offers simple color-matching and swift placement of direct restorations thanks to a uniquely small particle size. No extensive inventories needed since the small particle size allows for proper light scattering in the visual spectrum to create the desired chameleon effect. A small particle size also means less roughness for reduced wear and tear on the composite and a higher gloss for a natural look. All in all this light-cured, radio-opaque, true nano-composite boasts both esthetic and mechanical benefits, making it a clear choice for your patients. Give them restorations you’ll be proud to see them flash in their biggest smiles yet. 

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