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April 17, 2024

What Edentulous Patients Want: How to ensure your patients get the best full-arch solution for them

Treating an edentulous patient with a full-arch restoration is unique in that it can be an emotional journey for not only your patient, but also for you! If the last time you delivered a denture was during dental school, you might feel a mix of excitement, nervousness, maybe even trepidation, as it calls on many of your clinical skills to ensure a good outcome. How you approach each case and the way you communicate with each patient who’s experiencing edentulism has a powerful impact on the patient’s whole experience in your practice. Your approach also plays a big part in what type of prosthesis they choose to go with. Are you ready to hone your patient communication skills to improve case acceptances and empower your patients to choose the best full-arch solution for their lifestyle?