MicroEtcher Handpiece Adapter 4-5 Hole

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MicroEtcher Sandblasting
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Quick Disconnect Kit: The Quick Disconnect Kit is designed for use in the operatory for chairside sandblasting.

The kit consists of:

  • female disconnect
  • tee which is spliced into the line coming from the compressor before the pressure regulator (i.e., junction box or cart)
  • separate male connection

 The male connection is installed on the end of the MicroEtcher™ tubing. A tee (with the female connection) may be installed in more than one operatory so that the MicroEtcher with its male disconnect may be used in each operatory.

Lab Quick Disconnect Kit:
In the laboratory there is generally an air line with 80 - 100 psi (5.5 - 6.9 bars) pressure. If an air jet (stopcock) is present, the Lab Quick Disconnect with its female disconnect is designed to be permanently installed on it. The male disconnect is installed on the end of the MicroEtcher tubing. With a female Quick Disconnect installed in the lab, and also in the operatory, the MicroEtcher can be used in both places

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