LOCATOR Root Starter Kit

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LOCATOR Root Starter Kit
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LOCATOR Root Starter Kit

The LOCATOR Root Starter Kit contains everything you need to begin root retained overdenture procedures in your practice. 

The LOCATOR Root Attachment System leverages the natural tooth root for the retention of overdentures or removable partial dentures. 

LOCATOR Root for Removable Partials stabilizes a partial denture without the use of metal clasps for improved esthetics and retention and preserves the health of remaining teeth.


  • Faster, less costly than implant retained overdentures for qualified patients
  • Patients more willing to accept treatment due to lower cost
  • Can help patient realize the value of a retentive device before fully committing or before they are fully edentulous

For patients with healthy tooth roots, LOCATOR ROOT offers patients a faster, less intimidating, more cost effective path to overdentures or removable partial dentures. One of the most costly and time consuming elements of an implant retained overdenture solution is the dental implant placement and osseointegration process. Many patients are afraid of extraction pain and dental implant surgery. LOCATOR Root helps remove these issues.

LOCATOR Root Attachment System Benefits:

  • Does NOT require implants - lowering cost and eliminating osseointegration time
  • Innovative pivoting technology
  • Customizable levels of retention
  • Self-aligning design
  • Low vertical height
  • Exceptional durability

LOCATOR Root Female 0° Attachment Benefits

  • Treats Up To 40° angle of correction between attachments when using LOCATOR Extended Range inserts

LOCATOR Root Starter Kit Contents: 

  • LOCATOR 0 Degree Females: 4
  • LOCATOR Parallel Posts: 2
  • LOCATOR Pilot Drill: 1
  • LOCATOR Spotface Diamond Bur: 1
  • LOCATOR Male Processing Packs: 4

    • Each processing pack contains:

    • 1 LOCATOR Housing
    • 1 Extra Light Retention insert (Blue)
    • 1 Light Retention insert (Pink)
    • 1 Regular Retention insert (Clear)
    • 1 Processing Male replacement (Black)\
    • 1 Block out spacer 


LOCATOR Root Attachment System Brochure (PDF)

LOCATOR Root Attachment System Insurance Codes : Learn more about insurance billing codes for LOCATOR Root procedures

Technique Manual
Instructions for Use