A stable, tooth-supported solution for overdentures or removable partial dentures is here with the LOCATOR Root Attachment. Customizable retention, better stability and improved aesthetics while helping preserve remaining teeth and bone, makes LOCATOR Root a great start to a life of more confidence.

  • Straight, 10° and 20° angled post to accommodate divergent roots
  • Free standing and cast-to options

And Provides:

  • Innovative Pivoting Technology
  • Treats Up To 40° Angle Correction Between Implants
  • Self-Aligning Design
  • Low Vertical Height
  • Customizable Levels of Retention
  • Exceptional Durability
  • Ease of Use

Comfort and a secure fit are the keys to overdenture and removable partial denture success for partial or fully edentulous patients. The LOCATOR Root attachment provides customizable retention, better stability and improved aesthetics, while helping preserve the health of a patient’s remaining teeth and bone.

  • Leverages the natural tooth root for retention of overdentures and partials
  • Offers 0°, 10° and 20° post flexibility for divergent roots
  • Helps deter bone loss and maintain facial structure
  • Superior stabilization for removable partials – improves aesthetics, retention and preserves remaining teeth
  • Enables the conversation on the importance of implant-retained overdentures before the development of full edentulism
  • Can provide immediate retention while implants integrate so patients can enjoy the benefits of LOCATOR retention sooner

See Technique Manual for a list of additional parts recommended for cases