LOCATOR FIXED uses a series of proprietary rigid inserts and housings that work with existing LOCATOR abutments to provide a permanent, fixed, full-arch solution for your edentulous patients. It uses the same LOCATOR abutment and workflow that is widely used in LOCATOR removable overdenture procedures today.

There are 3 different sets of LOCATOR FIXED inserts: Green, Blue and Tan




What are the Green Inserts for?

The Green inserts are designed to provide fixed retention for 4 implant or all-on-4 cases. 


How do LOCATOR FIXED Green Inserts Work


What are the Blue and Tan Inserts For?

The Blue and Tan inserts are used in combination on 5+ implant cases.


Blue and Tan LOCATOR Fixed Inserts on a 5 Implant Case

Blue and Tan LOCATOR FIXED Inserts on a 6 Implant Case

Blue inserts are used in the mid-arch between the anterior and posterior implant positions.
Tan inserts are used in the anterior and posterior positions of an arch.

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from their current Removable Overdentures? 


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