Contact Matrix Clinical Kit Plus

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Contact Matrix are contoured stainless steel to insure perfect contact and reproduce natural contour. Contact Matrices are provided in small and large sizes as well as
soft and stiff thicknesses.


  • 6 Rings (3 inward & 3 outward)
  • 100 Small Lite Flex Matrices
  • 100 Large Lite Flex Matrices
  • Contact Ring Pliers
  • Mega Grip Matrix Forceps

Contact Matrix is the ultimate matrix system, with three improvements over any other matrix system:

  1.  Converging tines to make the rings far more reten-tive than parallel tines.
  2.  Inward and outward tines for placement on either side of the cavity preparation.
  3.  Occlusal offset to allow stacking and also clearance over obstacles like rubber dam clamps.


  • Restores natural contour
  • Ideal contacts
  • Minimizes finishing
  • Retentive Tines
  • Flat Tines
  • Contoured stainless steel Matrices
  • Occlusal offset
  • Stackable
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