CHAIRSIDE Soft Reline Material

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Chairside Soft Reline Material, 52 g Cartridge

Chairside Soft Reline Material is a soft, silicone based material for patients the require relief for full and partial maxillary and mandibular dentures. 

Ideal for immediate dentures following extractions, surgery, or implant procedures, CHAIRSIDE Soft Reline Material is the material of choice when patient comfort is paramount.

Patient Comfort

Silicone based material is tasteless, odorless and provides a secure long-lasting smooth finish that prevents contamination and odor. Soft silicone material is comfortable and does not harden over time

Easy Handling

Auto dispensing cartridge uses up to 40% less material*, allows for quick material preparation and has an efficient working time of up to two (2) minutes with a quick five (5) minute intraoral setting time.

Long Lasting

Strong denture adhesion and high tear strength provide a reline with long lasting stain resistance for wear up to 18 months. The image below shows the difference in stain resistance between CHAIRSIDE and a competitive product after immersion in curry and coffee.


Package Contents:

  • 52 g Cartridge
  • 10 mL Primer Bottle
  • 10 mixing tips
  • Plastic Cup
  • Brush
  • Spatula
  • Coarse Polishing Paint (black)
  • Finishing Wheel (brown)


Product Guides And Documents

Clinical Demonstration: Zest Chairside Soft Reline After Implant Placement


Technique Demonstration: Zest Anchors Chairside Soft Reline Material

Customer Questions

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