CHAIRSIDE® Soft Reline Material

CHAIRSIDE® Soft Reline Material is a silicone-based, gingiva-colored denture lining material for patients who require a relief from pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone, atrophy of mucosa, undercuts or a temporary tissue conditioning. With a wear resistance of up to 18 month, the material maintains tissue-like softness with high tear resistance, stain resilience and outstanding adhesion to the denture base.

  • Strong, durable and esthetic
  • Secure and long-lasting smooth finish
  • Comfortable for the patient, with gingiva-like softness
  • Work time: up to 2 minutes
  • Set time: 5 minutes
Auto dispensing cartridge uses up to 40% less material; provides quick preparation and efficient working times allowing quick and easy relining of dentures.

Working time: Up to two (2) minutes
Intraoral setting time: five (5) minutes ​

    Soft Reline Material Kit Includes:
  • 52g Cartridge
  • 10mL Primer Bottle
  • 10 Mixing Tips
  • Plastic Cup
  • Brush
  • Spatula
  • Coarse Polishing Point
  • Finishing Wheel