LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Patient Denture Removal Tool (10 Pack)

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Do you have patients or primary caregivers that struggle with denture removal?

Empower them with the LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Denture Removal Tool. This easy to use tool is designed to be used by the patient, or a caregiver, to assist with the dislodgement of a dental prosthesis including dentures and implant overdentures.

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Chairside Denture Removal Tool for Patients

Additional benefits of the LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Patient Denture Removal Tool:

  • Large ergonomic handle for easy, no-slip grip
  • Bi-directional design for patients with manual dexterity limitations
  • Angled handle facilitates a comfortable approach to the intraoral environment
  • Extended neck allows the patient to reach prosthetic flanges while keeping the tool at an ergonomic angle (at or below the chin)
  • Rounded tip with no sharp edges to prevent soft tissue trauma and prosthesis damage