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CHAIRSIDE® Denture Prep and Polish Kit

The CHAIRSIDE® Denture Prep & Polish Kit incorporates a set of rotary instruments to support an accurate and efficient pickup of denture attachment housings. This fully autoclavable kit consists of six HP dental burs, including recess, undercut, vent, trim, and grind burs, as well as a polisher. Manufactured from high-quality materials, the instruments will help clinicians and dental laboratory technicians address the most frequent overdenture preparation requirements in an easier and faster fashion.

  • Comprehensive system of instruments for overdenture preparation
  • For the use at chairside and in dental laboratory
  • Burs can be re-purchased individually or in a kit configuration
  • Autoclavable and reusable
Burs and Polishers are also available individually. A NEW Trephine Bur is also now available, only sold separately.
Denture Prep & Polish Kit
(Recess Bur, Undercut Bur, Vent Bur, Grind Bur, Trim Bur, and Polisher)

Recess Bur

Undercut Bur


Grind Bur

Trim Bur

Polisher (Pack of 5)

Trephine Bur (Only Sold Individually)