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CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material

CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material is a tissue-colored, dual-cure and self-adhesive composite indicated for the processing of attachments into full and partial overdentures, using either a chairside or a laboratory procedure. Available in a 8gm syringe and 18mL cartridge, the Attachment Processing Material enables easy pick-up of all LOCATOR® Denture Attachment Housings/Caps.

Clinician input contributed to formulations that allow clinicians to carry out their procedures the way they want to, easily and quickly, all at a reduced cost per case*.

Chairside Attachment Processing Material Key Attributes:

  • Simple
    • No primer needed for reduced chairtime
    • Bonds to itself for easy void-fills and touch-ups
    • Dual-cure capability provides convenience and flexibility
  • Versatile
    • Normal Set and Fast Set varieties match the complexity and speed of your procedure
    • Available in 8gm syringes or 18mL cartridges
    • Shorter mixing tips and ideal viscosity for precise application, as well as reduced waste and cost
  • Patient Friendly
    • Low curing temperature
    • Odorless and tasteless

4mL Syringe
15 Brown Mixing Tips
15 Angled Mixing Tips

18mL Cartridge
(10) Blue Mixing Tips

(15) Short Mixing Tips (for 4mL Syringe)

Attachment Processing Material short blue mixing tips