CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material

CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material is a tissue-colored, dual-cure and self-adhesive composite indicated for the processing of attachments into full and partial overdentures, using either a chairside or a laboratory procedure. Available in a 4ml syringe and 18ml cartridge, the Attachment Processing Material enables easy pick-up of all LOCATOR® Denture Attachment Housings/Caps.

  • Optimal handling characteristics
  • Fast, easy and simple to use
  • Designed for patient’s comfort and reliability
  • Work time: 1:45 minutes
  • Set time: 7:00 minutes
Available in two convenient sizes provides easy pick-up of all LOCATOR® and SATURNO® Denture Attachment Housings/Caps.

4mL Syringe
15 Brown Mixing Tips
15 Angled Mixing Tips

18mL Cartridge
(10) Blue Mixing Tips

(15) Short Mixing Tips (for 4mL Syringe)

Attachment Processing Material short blue mixing tips