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Our LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Vent Hole Bur is designed specifically for use in FIXED and LOCATOR prosthesis preparation procedures. Get everything you need for your LOCATOR procedures all in one place, straight from Zest.

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The LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Vent Hole Bur is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and is used to create a small opening in the bottom of the recess through the lingual wall of the denture to allow excess LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Attachment Processing Material to flow from the prosthesis. This also increases visibility of the Denture Attachment Housings, thus providing consistent and predictable attachment pickup. 

For use chairside and in dental laboratories. For your convenience, this bur can be re-purchased individually or as a part of the LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Denture Prep & Polish Kit

Additional specifications: 

  • Max speed: 50,000rpm.
  • Recommended speed: 18,000rpm
  • Autoclavable and reusable