ZNano offers shade matching, reliability and long-term durability, all at a value that better serves your bottom line.



  • 5 adaptive shades that blend easily to a patient’s existing tooth color
  • Life-like fluorescence and high polishability
  • 80nm filler particles offer esthetics, durability and simplicity
  • Superior physical properties and high stain resistance
  • Ideal, non-stick handling


  • Direct restorations in cavity Classes I to V
  • Composite inlays & onlays
  • Reconstruction of damaged teeth
  • Diastema closure & correction of the tooth's shape & shade
  • Repairing veneers & provisional crown-and-bridge materials

One Composite Delivers Easy Shade Matching

ZNano™ simplifies the color-matching process and reduces the number of composite materials necessary to achieve lifelike esthetics. 

By seamlessly balancing the chroma and value of one hue with another (e.g. A1 with B1), ZNano allows clinicians to recreate the complex topography and optical characteristics of natural teeth using fewer steps and materials.

* Source: Zest Dental Solutions R&D. Data on file.