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Guide to Insert Retention Strength Color Codes for Locator and Locator R-TX by Zest Dental:


Much of the performance and reliability of the tried-and-true LOCATOR attachment system comes from the patented inserts that provide various levels of retention strength. In the simplest terms, the inserts are what grab onto the LOCATOR abutments and hold the overdenture in place so that patients can confidently live their best lives.

The plastic retention inserts come in various colors, each corresponding to a level of strength.

The standard male inserts offer 10 degrees of angle correction and up to 20 degrees between two implants. These inserts come in Blue (extra light retention), Pink (light retention), and Clear (regular retention).

For enhanced angulation, extended range male inserts are also available for LOCATOR abutments. These deliver up to 20 degrees of angle correction and 40 degrees between two  implants. The extended range male inserts are offered in Gray (zero retention), Red (extra light retention), Orange (light retention), and Green (regular retention).

Locator R-TX

In addition to the original LOCATOR Attachment System, Zest also offers the LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System.

With progressive design features, a new stronger DuraTec Coating, and enhanced system simplicity, clinicians are quickly realizing the practical benefits of upgrading to the new LOCATOR R-Tx.

LOCATOR R-Tx male retention inserts come in both standard and limited range options. Standard range male inserts come in Gray (zero retention), Blue (low retention), Pink (medium retention), and Clear (high retention).

The limited range R-Tx options come in Aqua (low retention), Purple (medium retention), and Yellow (high retention), and are used to deliver a modified level of angulation. Limited Range Inserts are intended for patients with 10 degrees or less of implant divergence, providing a tighter, more secure fit for patients wanting more stability.

A standard insert of LOCATOR R-Tx can provide up to 30 degrees of angle correction or 60 degrees between two implants! Because of the pivoting angulation provided by LOCATOR and LOCATOR R-Tx attachments, Zest has virtually eliminated the need for prefabricated angled abutments!

LOCATOR R-TX Attachment System Insert Retention Strength