LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Bite Registration Material (2-Pack)

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LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Bite Registration Material is an additional-cure vinyl polysiloxane material developed to capture accurate impressions in a predictable and consistent manner. The light-blue-colored formulation demonstrates excellent viscosity with optimal work/set times to allow practitioners efficiently address a variety of clinical situations.

In Stock

This item is in stock.

Benefits of LOCATOR CHAIRSIDE™ Bite Registration Material:

  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Dimensional stability
  • Hydrophilicity and high tear resistance
  • Durometer: 85
  • Work time: 20 seconds
  • Set time: 60 seconds

Package Contents: 

-(2) 50mL Cartridges

-(6) Mixing Tips


Additional Specifications:

  • Tear Strength: 6.7 MPa
  • Consistency: 30mm
  • Elastic Recovery: 99%
  • Shore A hardness (15 minutes): 90
  • Tensile Strength / Elongation: 6.9 MPa / 26.7%
  • Working Time at 73°F: 20 Seconds
  • Setting Time at 95°F: 60 Seconds
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