Microcab+, 120V

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Ideal for a dental practice or a laboratory operating in digital workflow and fabricating CAD/CAM restorations, self-contained dust cabinet, MicroCab+™ effectively traps dust and debris from sandblasting devices. Manufactured from high quality anodized aluminum, the cabinet is furnished with an ultra-quiet dust collection and filtration system, and it incorporates a bright LED light for better visibility and illumination of the field. Offering enough internal workspace, MicroCab+ maintains a minimal footprint helping save valuable counter space.

Features & Benefits:

MacroCab+ is 7.9" (h) x 12.5" (w) x 10.5" (d)

Self-contained dust collection and filtration system
With a bright LED light and quiet filter
Sturdy and sleek frame
Minimal footprint for effective use of space

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