ZimVie Compatible LOCATOR F-TX Abutment 3.4mm Certain 1.5mm cuff

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The ZimVie compatible LOCATOR F-Tx Attachment System is specifically made to work with your ZimVie (formerly Zimmer) dental implant. Whether you're working on a partial or fully edentulous patient, our LOCATOR F-Tx Attachment System fits all your ZimVie implant needs.

LOCATOR F-Tx Overdenture Attachment for Zimmer, Certain Implants (SKU: 10300-01-S)

The LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System is a revolutionary FIXED Attachment System making fixed full-arch cases a snap! Unlike traditional fixed restorations, LOCATOR F-Tx “snaps” into place creating a stress-free, passive connection without the need for screws or cement. Save valuable chair time for installation and hygiene appointments with a system that is fixed for the patient but easily removable by the clinician. LOCATOR F-Tx can be used in combination with screw retained abutments for worry free retention.



Since LOCATOR F-Tx can be picked up chairside, it can save the prosthesis after an implant failure!



Features that Count:

  • Innovative Snap-Fit Design
  • 20° Angle Correction from path of insertion of the prosthesis
  • Denture Attachment Housing Can Rotate In Any Direction (360°)
  • Maintains Prosthesis Integrity
  • Preserves Esthetics
  • Cost Effective
  • Reduces Chair Time
  • Enhances Patient Comfort and Safety

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