20Ncm Torque/Thumb Knob Wrench Kit

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20Ncm Torque/Thumb Knob Wrench Kit

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20 NCM Torque Wrench (SKU: 04391-P)

The 20 NCM Torque Wrench is a pre-calibrated torque wrench and prevents over tightening of implant abutments. Also known as a break away torque wrench, the 20 NCM torque wrench will disengage when the pre-calibrated torque is exceeded. Torque is limited to 20 NCM. 

20 NCM Torque Wrench is compatible with the following drivers. (Drivers sold separately):

  • SKU: 08926 - LOCATOR square driver torque wrench insert
  • SKU: 04936 - LOCATOR R-Tx .050 (1.25mm) Hex driver
  • SKU: 10028 - LOCATOR F-Tx square driver

The 30 NCM Torque Wrench is NOT compatible with Latch type drivers: 

  • 08913-SB
  • 08008-SB

Package includes: 20 NCM torque wrench, thumb knob, and a 15mm length square driver (SKU: 08926-SB).

Instructions for Use